Welcome to our classes section. Below are a list of classes we currently offer. Please click on each class to view details.


  MARGATE -TAMARAC-AND DAVIE Ballet Dances, terminology, Creative movement and props.End of year recital offered.    
Ballet & Jazz    
  BOCA RATON - DAVIE - TAMARAC- MARGATE Fun warm-ups that teach basic steps and terminology are the beginning of class. Ballet skills, steps and choreography are learned and practiced so students may perform for families. Graceful props and creative expression dances are included to promote self expression.    
  MARGATE - TAMARAC- CS GYMNASIUM Learn music warm ups,cheers, chants and pom pom routines.Perfect motions, jumps and improve on tumbling skills. Stunts will be introduced from a very easy beginner level to advanced. Build on coordination, rhythm and cheer techniques.Pom Poms are supplied in classes.    
Creative Movement    
  CORAL SPRINGS GYMNASIUM - TUMBLBEARS - SUNRISE Explore outer space, the zoo, the jungle, go on a bearhunt or pretend you’re a fish in the sea. Use rhythm sticks, scarves, parachute, beanbag and ribbon dancers for eye hand coordination and building rhythm. Gross motor skills, coordination and group team building games will all be part of this fun class.    
Drama And Musical Theater    
  COOPER CITY- WILLY WONKA AUDITIONS This class includes musical warm-ups, drama games, improvisation, short scenes and song and dance routines. Small shows are put together for audience’s enjoyment. Children build creativity and imagination plus promotes self expression and creative thinking. This class is great for shy and confident children.    
Hip-Hop Dance    
  MARGATE - TAMARAC- DEEFIELD Students are taught the correct way to stretch along with choreographed warm-ups. Across the floor combinations are learned to improve on coordination and rhythm. Class ends with learning and perfecting specific dance routines so they may be performed for parents. Class build self-coordination and self confidence.    
  CORAL SPRINGS- SUNRISE Tumblebears is a mixture of music warm-up, tumbling skills & coordination equipment. It is fast paced and always changing. Props are used for variety and fun like the parachute, ribbons and bean bags. Creative expression is also promoted for self discovery    
  Music warm-up, rolls, cartwheels, handstands, balances and more. From Level 1 to advanced. Class material and skills progress throughout the year.Classes increase upper body strength, self confidence and body control.