Birthday Parties

Tumblebears  2-4 years

In this high energy party for younger birthday boys and girls, guests experience creative movement as they are led though a mixture of music warm-ups, dance steps, and tumbling routines in a safe and progressive manner. Fun Props are used for variety and fun, such as parachute, ribbons, bean bags and scarves. Up to 15 participants:  $225.00 - $275.00 (over 15 guests)

Fitness Fun 3-10 years

The Game Master will lead their guests through activities that include music, hula hoops, team games, obstacle course with balls,beanbags and fun equipment. Activities are structured according to your child’s age. Wear sneakers and comfortable clothing. (1 hour program) Up to 15 participants:  $225.00 - $275.00 (over 15 guests)

Princess Parties   4-7 years

The instructor will lead your Princess and their guests with music routines, scarves,& ribbon dances to popular princess music. Pom poms are used for cheers and the “Oh Mickey” Pom Pom dance. Parachutes and hula hoops will end the party fun! Wear your favorite princess attire. (1 hour program) Up to 15 participants: $225.00 - $275.00 (over 15 guests)

Bubblicious Baby Parties 1 year olds

The instructor will lead babies with Parent or Guardian in a circle time of music, parachute and rhythm sticks. The party will continue with entertainment for older children (ages 2 and up) participating in freeze dance, hula hoops and an obstacle course of fun equipment. Up to 15 participants:  $225.00 - $275.00 (over 15 guests)

Bounce Houses, Face Painting, Tables and Chairs available. Call for pricing.